I am embarking on an adventure with the lifestyle movement Whole30. I saw some people have some awesome results with it, and I wanted to give it a go. I wanted to wait through the holidays to really give it the honest effort it deserves.

The best way to describe Whole30 is strict paleo.
No grains, no dairy, no sugar or sugar alternatives, no legumes, no alcohol
You are also suggested to stay away from gum, mints, sulphites, and additives. 

What I like best is it really lays out for you the realities of a healthier lifestyle and what to expect. It is really worth it to read the whole book. Some of the differences to paleo are the strict nature of the ingredients and the SWYPO foods. They encourage you to scour your labels for hidden ingredients and stay away from preservatives like MSG and sulphites. Now for SWYPO foods, this is one of my favourite parts. This stands for Sex With Your Pants On foods. The premise is that if you aren’t changing your habits there really isn’t a point to this strict of a lifestyle change. These are foods like muffins, pancakes, breads etc. that fall under ‘legal’ foods, but really just encourage the same habits. You are basically making yourself want something you aren’t getting (sex with pants on).
A delicious salad will always be a good salad, paleo pizza is never gonna be pizza.
This really resonated with me. I went vegan for a month and was disappointed with my outcomes. I realize after the fact that it largely had to do with the fact that I experimented with vegan treats, muffins, loafs, ice cream etc. Did I need to? No. Do I normally eat that? No.

So, I plan to blog as I go, let’s see how this goes! They give you a description of how you should feel how the month goes along, and I am really curious to see how accurate this is. One thing they do point out is that these effects that you might feel highly depend on what your diet was like before you started this. I like to think I ate fairly decently with a few too many treats. The authors point out that it often hits the pop-a-day drinkers the worst as you are missing out on sugar and caffeine. Let’s get this done!!

Day 1: No Big Deal/ What Have I Done?
I honestly think if you love cooking and are committed, this isn’t the end of the world. However, 30 days seems like a long time, and I was so so tempted with chocolate so many times at work. I resisted! I have detoxed from sugar before, so I know how horrible, then awesome it feels. I think that makes a little bit of a difference in how I approach this.
Day 2 & 3: The Hangover
Well, I didn’t agree with this one first thing in the morning. I still felt pretty good, albeit tired, but chalked that up to early meetings. But as the day went on, I felt like I couldn’t catch up with myself. Also, oddly enough I was parched. Even though I am trying to track and up my water intake. Made it through a dinner out (Swiss Chalet ya’ll) and a movie without any slips! But gosh I am tired and the headache is setting in.
Third day was definitely worse. I was tired and achy and just wanted to go back to bed. Like nodding off in the car tired. My brain was foggy all day but I managed to get through it (even did a bit attached the gym). I’m also really aware of my body working overtime right now. Thankfully I have been able to be super honest with those around me so hopefully the next stage goes smoothly…
Day 4 & 5: Kill All Of The Things…
So I was proactive for these days and warned my coworkers that I might be a littler crabby at the fault of the sugar demons. I was really surprised to wake up on day 4 super jazzed. Level of jazziness=me having coffee. Hands trembling, heart palpitations, spinny head, wanting to dance, all the while I had S Club 7’s ‘Don’t Stop Never Give Up’ playing on repeat in my head, for reasons I do not know. That lasted most of the day, but of course, we come towards the end of the afternoon where I was heading into a four hour meeting taking notes, so I armed myself with tea and managed to get through it with just a headache. I even made it out to the bar to watch a band with some friends and enjoyed myself with some club soda and lime! Bars aren’t the hardest place for me as I can pretty much dance and be crazy sans drinking.
Day 5, now that is a different story. Thankfully I had today off. My head was thumping when I woke up, and that hasn’t gone away. My eyes were heavy, and my body was achy, I generally felt like a truck ran over me. Level of annoyance, more than usual. I honestly think it has more to do with the fact that I feel terrible so my patience is thin. A cup of tea, a snack and a hot pad helped. I’m really looking forward to the glowing, feel good stage…any day now..
Day 6 & 7 I Just Want A Nap
I actually managed to have a pretty good night sleep, which is never easy for me. I was expecting to be out of it all day and actually felt pretty well most of the day. I had a couple of moments through out the day where I had a sudden pang of the sleepies. But, really that happens to me every day! Am I hitting the good feeling sooner that normal?! Let’s hope so.
Day 7… I am not really sure this hit me this day either. I strategically had a lazy day today to counteract it which was nice but not necessarily needed. I kept up with water and caffeine throughout the day as well. What really did hit me these days was the undeniable need to snack. In an effort to break habits I tried to stay away from too many sweet things like dried fruit, but my god, I could not eat enough food!
Day 8 & 9 NOOO! My Pants Are TIGHTER
Funny, I forgot that this was the days that hit here and I just said to my mom… wow I feel so much less bloated. Granted, I live in stretch pants, and maybe I will just continue you that over these days to feel better about myself! I also made it through day 9 with stretchy pants and not too many worries. The munchies have half subsided. Hoping it stays on this path.
Day 10 & 11 The Hardest Days
Hmmm.. I definitely think that the first few days were the hardest. But, I do see what they mean about this being the time where it’s hardest to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can taste a glass of wine and that ch0colate being passed around at meetings are harder to say no to. But I am feeling so much better that I can’t wait to see how much better I will feel at day 20 or 30.
Day 12-15 I Dream Of… Junk Food?
Well I made the mistake of buying my coworkers birthday cupcakes. Basically impossible to walk into a bakery after a crappy restaurant lunch and not want to shove your face with chocolate. And then there was more cake at work later. I am definitely feeling the want to have a bite here, and a bite there.
I did manage to rock a night out and stick to the Whole30!! Water and club soda with lime! I knew as soon as I left the house that I hadn’t eaten enough during the day to last me for a night out of dancing… so when we got downtown, I definitely bought some almonds and shared them with the people we butted in front of. But I did have to mow down a banana when I got home!
Day 15 The Half Way Mark 
So excited that I made it to the half way mark. I am feeling good, and mostly excited about more recipes to try in the second half. Having reduced sugar in the past, I know that eventually the cravings subside, so I am really looking forward to that too. Although the first week was rough, the second week was not so bad. I definitely think that this is something everyone should try in some degree, maybe not the whole shebang at once!
Day 16-27 Tiger Blood
Now the program talks about how this can mean different things for different people, real tangible results, a sense of accomplishments, non-scale victories, etc. Largely, as I have said above, it has more to do with your lifestyle, habits, and health before hand than it does with perfection of the program. I’m not sure I am having the feeling of ‘tiger blood’ but I am motivated to see it through to the end. 30 days is not that long, and when you are on the downhill slope of most anything it always seems a little easier. My body is feeling significantly less bloated or puffy and I have so many recipes I want to try that I am pretty sure at least some of this will stick past 30 days.
Day 21 I’m So Over This (Interlude)
Yup. I didn’t think this was going to hit me. But, I have to say, day 20-21 I am kind of over it. Cravings are hitting me, and I would just like a cookie or a cupcake. I went shopping or was at Timmy’s and I just wanted to stuff my face. I mean I wont, but I want to! Near the finish line… but I think the hardest part is going to be not stuffing my face on day 31.
Back to Tiger Blood. It’s a lot easier to do this when you are on the down hill. But I’m not sure if that actually makes it better. It makes it easier but not better. It’s hard not to think I’m just going to eat a brownie and stuff my face on day 31. Day 30 is Valentine’s Day so less reasons to eat chocolate!
The weather is cold and snowy and as much as it’s nice to wrap up in a blanket and drink tea I would also love a treat. When does this treat craving go away? Maybe soon?
Also I am patting myself on the back. We had a celebration at work and I went to the bakery counter and bought a triple chocolate cake. I even managed to avoid licking my fingers. However, I am going into the final stretch with a weekend at home which is challenging!
These days in general flew by the most. I got lost in what day it was, and my meals were planned and ready to go. I did get caught a couple of times without snacks, but I made it through!
Day 28 28 is as good as 30…Right!?
I am way too competitive and head strong to give up now. I am not sure I am truly tempted to cheat at this point, but I am really missing certain foods. This morning, I was really craving some fresh toast. I went out for lunch and I really wanted a diet coke, and later in the day shopping was craving a soy chai latte. This more than anything gives me nerves for afterwards. I feel great, but I somehow still wish I felt a little bit better.
Day 29 & 30 HolyOprahIt’sAlmostOverWhatAmIGoingToEatNow?!?!?!
The excitement and panic of the last couple of days has definitely set in. I spent most of day 29 crafting and baking treats with my nieces and then had a long drive home to think about the next phase. Or really, I spent half that time day dreaming about the peanut butter cookies I was going to make for work the next day. I somehow mustered the will power to bake 4 dozen PB cookies for Valentine’s Day (day 30). I am saving myself one, for day 31. This is no time to give in!
Day 31: Deep Breathing. And Maybe Some Ice Cream. 
I can’t wait!