Meet The Spatularette


Welcome to the delicious world of cooking from me, The Spatularette. I learned the joys of cooking at a young age and was able to carry that with me through school, University, and now into my wonderfully tasty grown up life. My passion is food, cooking, and most of all eating, with a little fitness and fun thrown in there. What I have noticed is many people have no idea where to start; the confidence to cook what you love to eat isn’t there. I hope to share recipes that will give you the confidence to cook tasty food and not worry about making it perfect. I love to take healthy recipes and make them even more delicious, and take not so healthy recipes and alter them to be a bit better for your waistline. Every once in a while, I’ll throw something in there that is naughty and sinful, because why not.

If you love what you are cooking, you will love eating it that much more. You will find lots of shortcuts, tips, tricks, and more than anything, recipes and stories that I hope will give you the passion to get in the kitchen, or at the very least appreciate those who cook for you even a bit more. Whether you are cooking for yourself, for your hot date, your family, your amazing group of friends, the food is the most important part, so get cooking!
Be daring, be bold, be confident, and most of all, be delicious.

-The Spatularette

About the Chef

Although my alter ego is the delectable diva known as The Spatularette, I’m Annie, a 20 something year-old girl who loves to cook. I worked briefly at a resort as an apprentice chef and baker after realizing; maybe I could cook more than just at home! After developing some serious shellfish allergies my professional career as a chef was put on hold. Oddly enough I am totally able to eat shellfish again, weird how life works.  I had the opportunity to go to University so I left Vancouver Island and headed to the University of Alberta where I studied drama and women’s studies. I kept cooking and began noticing more and more how many of my friends had no idea how to cook. After graduating, I moved back to Victoria and have decided not only to dedicate time to my passion but also to making big changes to my own lifestyle. I look forward to sharing what I love with you!

I have on and off been working at changing my life for the healthier, I did weight watchers, I gained all of the weight back, did it again, gained the weight back. I play rugby, I run, I think I exercise for fun, and I am back on the healthy band wagon, I want to keep you, the wonderful reader (I hope), updated on my progress and life right here on The Spatularette!


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