Lemony Couscous Salad

This is one of my absolute favourite, go to, quick and delicious and healthy dinners that I came up with in University as a mix of two of my favourite fast food salads. My salad recipe is also one of the most requested that I get, so I figured I had to share. This is scrumptious as is, or add in your favourite vegetables, or some lean meat. If I want to make this more protein packed, I cook up some cubed chicken and mix it in when I serve.
It is also great to bring to a party or BBQ.
To make it a bit more chic, serve in small cups or endive leaves for a crowd pleasing treat.
I pretty much could eat this whole bowl, so I’m sure you will love it too!


My Ingredients:
One Box Couscous – I use the roasted garlic and olive oil.
(Check out my Tipsy’s for how to make fresh couscous)
2 tsp Lemon and Herb Seasoning, adjust to your liking!
1/2 package of Cherry Tomatoes (Halved)
1/2 Cucumber
1-2 Bell Peppers
1/2 bunch of Green Onions
1 small head of Kale or other green. (If you are going to serve in small cups or endive leaves, omit or chop very small)
1 large can of Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 Lemons (zest and juice)
1 container Light Feta

My Method:
Cook the couscous according to the package directions.


Let the Couscous cool, you dont have to let it be cold, but the warmer it is, the salad gets a little gummy.

Chop all of your vegetables into bite size pieces.


Mix your vegetables, chick peas, lemon herb seasoning, lemon juice, and lemon zest into the cous cous.

IMG_0436  IMG_0433

Serve with feta crumbled on top!


– I use boxed couscous because it is easy, and already has seasoning with it. If you want to make fresh couscous with your own seasoning here is the recipe:
1 cup Couscous
1 cup Water
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Seasoning, I would just use some of the Lemon Herb seasoning that you would use for this recipe.
Bring couscous, water, and olive oil to a boil and remove from heat, keeping covered for 5 minutes. Mix in seasoning.

-Use a fork to fluff up your couscous. The fork breaks up the couscous and adds air.

-If you know you are going to eat over a few days you can keep all of the parts separate and then mix together so that there is no sogginess!

Serves 6



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